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Cloud Performance

The 80/20 rule applies. Focus on finding the bottlenecks and come up with the plan that can include:
– Quick wins: Refactor specific code or scale up Cloud to get you over the hump
– Lasting solution: Iterate to create platform that works in the Cloud

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Team meeting anyone?

I debated the value of team meetings for a few weeks now.

Finally decided to give it a go. 45mins of round the table:
– Focus of the week
– Dependency on others

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Business Apps UX

Great design shouldn’t be reserved only for the mass market products. Your colleagues will use the business apps that you build every day.

Design them to be usable and also to look modern and tidy. Nothing worst then using the app that you know could look much better. Get a template from Theme Forest. If in doubt select one of the best sellers for your use case and you will be 80% there.

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Red Gate DB tools

Life savers with cloud DBs since many std features are not supported on SaaS DBs. Worth the money and especially useful if you are managing many DBs.

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Azure SQL

If you end up concluding that DB as service (Azure SQL) is better compared to virtualised DB (VM with SQL Server) be prepared to tackle performance issues when migrating from on premises DB.

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UNPROFOR* pattern

*Initially established in Croatia to ensure demilitarization of designated areas. The mandate was later extended to Bosnia and Herzegovina to support the delivery of humanitarian relief, monitor “no fly zones” and “safe areas”. The mandate was later extended to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for preventive monitoring in border areas.

I think of it as “team-setup” pattern when a separation of conflicting concerns is wanted (data team protection of data model vs risk teams reporting, for example).

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Salesforce end of software

In 1992, “The End of History and the Last Man” book by Francis Fukuyama was published and in 2005 at INSEAD Fukuyama’s ideas were trumpeted as the invariable, unalterable fact ie absolute truth.

In 1999, Salesforce was founded and in 2015 at an enterprise-software-decission-table Salesforce presents invariable, unalterable fact ie absolute truth.

On Monday 15 Sept 2008, I worked for a global settlement house and had to deal with Lehman*, the biggest ever US failure.

*WSJ reported: Lehman Brothers had filed for bankruptcy protection Monday morning and Merrill Lynch had sold itself to Bank of America. By the end of the day, investors had turned their focus to insurance giant AIG, which was tottering, needing to raise billions in capital or face collapse.

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What’s your frame?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana


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Macs for business anyone?

Hard to argue with not going with the latest Macs considering build quality and price. Office 2016 works well.

However Power Pivot is still not in the latest Excel for Mac. But do you really want it? I know I do.