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Unplanned work

If you want to work hard and not have visible results to show consider tracking unplanned work. Unplanned work is the main reason for missing deadlines. Use Kanban to lay out your planned work for a week. Keep gate shut to all unplanned work.

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As a backbencher you can speak your mind…. Leadership implies constraint.

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What actually matters

MVP, happy path, test coverage, Devops… In practice everything is in a spectrum. Focus on building value as the primary goal.

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Cloud patterns

A lot can be said about designing for cloud-first. Async as default, for example. Chatty DB issues of systems designed with an implicit view that data is instantly available (on-prem DB, for example). However cloud DB suffer from latency causing issues.
A good starting point is to to recognise that different physics is at play in the cloud.

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Microservices pattern

A lot of developers talk about microservices. Microservices at an outset appear anti-agile as separation has to be tackled early on which is not easy as most of the time deeper understanding is required in order to decide how to brake up components. Build MVP and decompose when you learn….

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Big Data anti-pattern

Installations of Hadoop with Gb data feeds that would be faster processed on a laptop.

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Virtual Reality HoloLens

At London’s Future Decoded, Nadella frequently referred to HoloLens, the augmented-reality headset the company is deploying in early 2016. “If you change the way you see the world, you change the world that you see,’ he said on stage, pointing to the ‘augmented’ aspect of the headset. It’s clear to see that HoloLens will be a big part of Microsoft’s future offerings to businesses.

Other soundbites included:
– Mobile-first, cloud-first
– Data from exhaust to fuel
– Lagging indicators like revenue, profit vs leading indicators like usage

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Good to Great Developers

Our Data Architect has strong views about developers: ‘Good developers write good code. Great developers copy great code.’

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Leadership – inspire outstanding performance