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Aleks was very helpful to The Stage when I was struggling to make sense of where next. He’s one of those ‘first call’ people, when you’re not sure what the question is, let alone the answer.

Hugh Comerford, Managing Director, The Stage Media Company

Aleks was a brilliant help to us at Funding Options on a short term engagement; able to deliver both short term benefits and a broader set of long term recommendations. He’s a brilliant find that I’ll use time and again and was genuinely impressed at how quickly he got up to speed and added value to me and the team.

Alastair Preacher, CPO, Funding Options

I’m open to new projects!

I’ve been working at Meta and have been involved in spatial computing and AI-related projects. More details about my career are on this page and my “best-of” is here. Feel free to reach out for a chat or if you think I can help.

Here’s what I can offer your business.

Project Leadership

One-off Engagements

Project Leadership offerings aim to deliver sustainable growth and transformation for your business, drawing on my extensive experience and proven track record in the tech industry.

Technical Leadership: In today’s AI age, strong technical leadership is pivotal to a company’s success. I have demonstrated the ability to lead engineering teams and projects, adeptly guiding the transformation of traditional IT departments to Agile, DevOps, and Cloud technologies. By leveraging my skills, your organisation can better navigate the complex tech landscape, ensure timely delivery of projects, and foster an environment of innovation. My experience includes leading initiatives at one of the world’s largest lending marketplaces and spearheading the Core Experience team at Meta.

Product Management and Delivery: Effective product management and strategy are critical for creating products that not only meet market needs but also drive business growth. I have delivered a wide range of high-profile products that cater to different markets, demonstrating my ability to understand customer needs, develop clear product roadmaps, and work closely with engineering teams to bring these products to life. My experience spans various sectors, including a business lending marketplace, product matching engine, gaming data analytics platform, online mortgages platform, and asset management platform. By focusing on strategic product management and delivery, your business can achieve a competitive edge, improve customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

Talent and Organisation Development: People are the backbone of any successful business, and investing in talent development is crucial for organisational growth and sustainability. I have a track record of building globally distributed engineering capabilities and have developed multiple leaders in the process. My successes include tripling the size of the engineering organisation at Funding Options and supporting high-performing teams at Meta. By prioritising talent and organisation development, your company can cultivate a high-performing culture, reduce staff churn, enhance innovation, and foster resilience in an ever-changing business environment. This focus will ensure that your team has the skills and motivation necessary to drive your business towards its strategic goals.

Digitisation and Business Transformation: In the modern business landscape, continued digitisation and embracing AI are not merely options but necessities for survival and growth. The ability to adapt to the digital revolution defines the competitiveness and resilience of a business. My proven track record in disrupting traditional business models and driving digital innovation stands as a testament to this. Notable successes include transforming the business lending industry into a FinTech industry leader and building the Funding Cloud platform.

One-off Engagements are designed to provide time-boxed targeted, high-impact results in key areas of your business, leveraging my decades of experience in the tech industry.

IT Healthcheck: With years of experience in top tech roles, I can conduct a comprehensive healthcheck of your IT organisation, infrastructure, systems and practices. This involves identifying potential areas of risk, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement to ensure that your tech operations are robust, secure and fit for purpose.

AI Opportunity Study: As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, AI presents a plethora of opportunities for businesses willing to embrace it. I can conduct a comprehensive study of your business to identify areas where AI can drive growth, improve efficiency, and provide a competitive edge. This includes feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, prototyping and strategic roadmap development.

CEO Tech Education: Technology is integral to business success in the modern world, and it’s crucial for CEOs to have a solid understanding of it. I can provide tailored education for CEOs to understand the tech landscape, emerging trends, and how they can strategically leverage technology to drive business success. This includes one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and ongoing advisory roles.

Engineering Leadership Hiring Support: With experience in building and leading successful tech teams, I can provide invaluable assistance in your hiring process for engineering leaders. This includes helping to identify the key competencies and qualities required, defining the roles and responsibilities, and even participating in the selection process to ensure that you find the right talent to drive your technical vision forward.

Due Diligence / Mergers & Acquisitions Support: Leveraging my extensive experience in tech and business transformation, I can run or provide expert support for due diligence processes during mergers and acquisitions. This includes assessing the technical viability, integration possibilities, and potential value of tech assets, ensuring you make informed, strategic decisions.