Reading: The Road to Character by David Brooks

Incomparable to Social Animal. Intro and end worth a try.



Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers

Chilling, familiar, funny.



Permission v Forgiveness

“It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” – Grace Hopper

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Literature of internet

Martin Amis said in a recent BBC documentary: “Literature was about gods then demigods then kings and queens. In 19c about men, 20c… ironic century, about people lower than us [writers].”

I see many parallels between this and the way internet developed from CERN labs where new particles are discovered to organizing world’s information via giving people the power to share.

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Uber of X

Now every idea seems to be around Uber of X or Stripe of Y. Not long ago it was all about Facebook of Z. What’s next?

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Coding in Node.js

I created a couple of simple scripts in Node.js: / Salesforce API call and store data in Azure SQL for further analysis with Power BI and credit bureau reports.

I default to VS Code IDE that I find clean and efficient. Code is simpler to use compared to full VS as it reduces clutter by making you add what you need rather than switching off / ignoring features that you don’t need.

NPM packages need to be used with caution as majority provide dead ends. My learning is to start solving the problem using baseline language features and only add packages when absolutely necessary.

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Code reviews

Prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Most software engineers would vouch for the research showing that problems found early – during design or coding – can be fixed many times faster than when they’re found later in production. We found that initial discussions about how to solve a problem are very helpful to prevent issues downstream.