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Short eats Long for breakfast

As  Sir Arthur Helps, a 19th century aphorist, said: “Almost all human affairs are tedious. Everything is too long. Visits, dinners, concerts, plays, speeches, pleadings, essays, sermons, are too long.”

My equivalent list for today’s managers would be: “Everthing is too long. Business plans, board presentations, management accounts, sales reports, project updates, standup checkins, system’s architecture, code.”

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Getting Older

As Luke Johnson said: “As I get older I have less patience than ever for irrelevant stuff. My tolerance for wasting time has demonised – I want to use what I have productively.”

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Do Less

The best people I worked with understand the essentials in their business and posses a true sense of urgency.

The key is not to try to do too many things but concentrate on a small number of things that truly matter – and execute them well.

“Our lifes are frittered away by detail: simplify, simplify.” Henry David Thoreau.

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Short Presentations

My advice on expressing yourself clearly:

  • Use short sentences.
  • Always make your speech shorter than the audience is expecting.

“The more you say, the less people hear.” Harry Beckwith in Selling the Invisible.

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Uberpreneurship, a discipline with the best of all worlds: salary of a stable job, autonomy of an entrepreneur, relationships of an executive and feedback of a focus group.

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Data Exchange: behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin is unregulated, censorship-resistant shadow currency. Blockchain, a shared ledger, ensures “cash like” coin passing: unique, immutable, final.

Bitcoin is the first Blockchain application but Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Digital currencies (digital USD, for example) are different from cyptocurrency (Bitcoin, for example).

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Data Exchange: A shared ledger

A shared ledger technology allowing any participant in the business network to see THE system of record (ledger).

Solution – a shared, replicated, permissioned ledger. Consensus, provenance, immutability, finality.

New data exchange patter emerges: structured data (DB) -> encryption -> structured data (shared ledger DB).

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Data Exchange: Business Networks, Markets & Wealth

Business Networks benefit from connectivity: connected customers, suppliers, banks, partners / cross geography & regulatory boundary. Wealth is generated by the flow of goods & services across business network. Markets are central to this process: public (fruit market, car auction), or private (supply chain financing, bonds)

Most common organisational data exchange pattern: structured data (DB) -> unstructured (file, message) -> network -> unstructured (file, message) -> structured data (DB).

Problem - Difficult to monitor asset ownership and transfers in a trusted  business network
. Inefficient, expensive, vulnerable.