AI Slack

Platform with 6m ADU launched on Slack giving it instant access to a market as well ability to offer chat UX meaning they had lass to build to enter a market. Slack invested in Butter.


What is AI?

At a San Francisco AI meetup I heard: AI is what you sell to customers and Machine Learning is what you say you do to hire.




Nudge to go live

Interesting to learn again how even small changes test organisations. Launching a simple website lets you find out about your team mates, priorities, yourself.

book hacks leadership strategy

Reading: Good Strategy / Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

Bed bound for the last 2 days and when not reviewing PRs I read Good Strategy / Bad Strategy book from 2011 FT short list, and I am starting to realise that I don’t now what our strategy is.

Could it be that I wasn’t paying attention? Or we need to work this out? I reviewed a few series A pitch decks and clearly many haven’t worked what their strategy is.

Some ideas from the book can be found on slides here.

behaviour Google people team

High performance teams – what Google learnt

The NY Times article says: Project Aristotle’s researchers began searching through the data they had collected, looking for norms. They looked for instances when team members described a particular behavior as an ‘‘unwritten rule’’ or when they explained certain things as part of the ‘‘team’s culture.’’ Some groups said that teammates interrupted one another constantly and that team leaders reinforced that behavior by interrupting others themselves. On other teams, leaders enforced conversational order, and when someone cut off a teammate, group members would politely ask everyone to wait his or her turn. Some teams celebrated birthdays and began each meeting with informal chitchat about weekend plans. Other groups got right to business and discouraged gossip. There were teams that contained outsize personalities who hewed to their group’s sedate norms, and others in which introverts came out of their shells as soon as meetings began.

After looking at over a hundred groups for more than a year, Project Aristotle researchers concluded that understanding and influencing group norms were the keys to improving Google’s teams.

code design

NodeJS best practice

Hard to disagree with this collection of valuable insights. Keep coming back to it