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Skip the digging and get straight to the good stuff! Here are my favourite writings, accomplishments, and products all in one place. You might learn about my background here.

Things I’ve Built 
Funding Cloud – led a team of engineers and product managers to deliver a faster finance matching service for SMEs in the UK. The platform offers instant, preapproved offers. Our fastest time from application to credit approved is 21 seconds.

DialogWise – “communicate with your customers in the most natural way for them”.  Aiming to make debt management more customer friendly and ultimately effective using deep tech (conversational AI techniques) and the most ubiquitous channel of communication (SMS). I am thrilled that DialogWise was a finalist at the 20th Credit Awards for Best Use of Technology – Collections, Payments and Customer Service category.

Dynamo Mortgages – from 2017 to 2018, setup and run the team (UK and Eastern Europe) which delivered online mortgages website and backend systems.

Grove Capital – from 2014 to 2017, designed and built an asset management platform. Assisted in integrating Lucania. The business was sold to Encore Capital (NASDAQ: ECPG)

Above – built a competitor tracking solution and sold it to a large UK gaming operator over 5 months period.

Tradecrowd – in 2013, co-founded and raised $800k to build ops-light social trading platform. Tradecore was born out of Tradecrowd pivot as a retail brokerage back-office software vendor. The business continues to make revenue and has grown to 50+ FTEs.

Bet Buddy – in 2010, co-founded an analytics software company focusing on gaming. In 2017, the management team sold the business to PlayTech (LSE: PTEC) – as part of Bet Buddy in 2012 designed an algorithm (later came Bitcoin’s backchain and GDPR) for a self-exclusion service for problem gamblers based on cryptographic techniques  to shield players identity while allowing operators to centrally cross check players exclusion status. – in 2001 to 2003, wrote software for the monitoring of security systems for intruders, fire and personal attack. – in 1999 to 2000, wrote software for distributing market news.

Things I’ve Built for Fun
Student Portal – in 2020, with my wife, I’ve built a student portal for Wonders Of Maths, a London based tutoring startup funded by Founders Factory. The portal is used by 20+ tutors and manages 500+ students. – started in 2019 building an app to help high schoolers and modern parents have a better handle in terms of how is the revision going, what grade is expected and what is the optimal use of time to achieve a better grade. Design, build and market testing with my daughter (A levels: Maths, Physics, CS) and her friends at Sacred Heart High School in London.

QuoteVote – in 2019 designed and built using ReactJS and Google Firestore a quote app for users to like quotes, select their top quotes and share on Facebook.

Things I’ve Done
Run half-marathon. Awesome experience running through beautiful Belgrade.

Climbed the highest peak of South America. 23 days in Argentina climbing Aconcagua’s 6962m.

Climbed Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe at 5642m.

Tracked across Himalayas to climb a 6000+ and two 5000m peaks.

Sunrise track across Mt. Fuji summit.

Things I’ve Written
Data compression for process monitoring is a scientific research paper from the time when big data problems were confined to large chemical processing plants. Written with Dr Nina Thornhill and published in AIChE Symposium Series. We compared time series data compression loss using Wavelet transform and Fourier transform.

Descriptive analysis of Demographic and Behavioral data from Internet gamblers is a 2012 scientific research paper published in Journal of Gambling Studies. The paper focuses on self-exclusion as one of the main responsible gaming interventions. We set out a three-tier model for assessing at-risk gambling behaviors which examines player exhibited, declared and inferred behavior.

Analysis of casino online gambling data in relation to Behavioural Risk Markers for high-risk gambling and player protection is a scientific research paper published in International Gambling Studies. Our findings identify groups of gamblers who show signs of potentially risky behaviours, specifically gambling intensity and frequency. These gamblers also spend time gambling on slots Internet games. These findings provide a basis for using behavioural analysis to educate players about risks associated with gambling.

High School presentation on building a Startup at my daughter’s school.