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Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy

This scientific paper is super depressing as it outlines arguments which sum up to the fact that we are facing inevitable collapse, probable catastrophe and possible extinction due to global warming. I think there is no point getting depressed but we need to acknowledge the facts of global warming and start addressing the inevitable adaptations our society will have to go through. No point discussing any more. We need to start acting now. 


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Reading: Good Strategy / Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

Bed bound for the last 2 days and when not reviewing PRs I read Good Strategy / Bad Strategy book from 2011 FT short list, and I am starting to realise that I don’t now what our strategy is.

Could it be that I wasn’t paying attention? Or we need to work this out? I reviewed a few series A pitch decks and clearly many haven’t worked what their strategy is.

Some ideas from the book can be found on slides here.

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Reading: Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

How to know when to stop searching or optimising? Use optimal stopping strategy – select best option after examining 37% of the sample.

What’s the best way to schedule?

Great book by Brian Christian on using computer algorithm techniques to quickly solve everyday problems.


Reading: The Road to Character by David Brooks

Incomparable to Social Animal. Intro and end worth a try.



Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers

Chilling, familiar, funny.