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Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence

  1. Reciprocity – looking after people
  2. Scarcity – capacity we only have 1 slot, I can get you if you give me your order
  3. Authority – knows everything, important in Tech field
  4. Likeability – get people to talk about themselves
  5. Social proof – who have done business with
  6. Commitment and consistency – would you look after my stuff, what’s preventing you signing the deal, if I fix this will you sign this order
    Also important are confidence and enthusiasm

Three sales types

  1. Concept – like my friend Reuben Gates – understand what they want to talk about, get introduced (social proof) or suggest an introduction via LinkedIn shared connection, share what pears are thinking (authority and reciprocity)
  2. Technical
  3. Strategic Account Management